England Enters a 3-Tier System – Hunger Games Expected in Summer 2021

No light at the end of this tunnel…

England has slipped into a 3-Tier system as it battles the spread of Covid-19.

Each tier places increasing restrictions on the type of businesses that can open, and the amount of socialising allowed.

The big question is, “Can I drink in a Pub?” Here’s a quick guide:

The government has gone to great lengths to divide the nation and sow divisions, to the glee of the people profiting off the pandemic. But they want more… They always want more.

With the likelihood of a return to big-crowd outdoor events dimming by the day, the governement has decided to go all guns blazing on a “Hunger Games” type event at the height of summer season 2021.

As the middle-class is eroded and we return to a traditional 2-lot system of the “have’s” and the “have not’s” (aka The Master and Slave system that was so popular before democracy reared it’s ugly head) the government hope the huge spectacle will bedazzle and bewilder the masses.

Likely to be named the “Break-shit Games” in honor of the looming disaster that is Brexit, the unwanted and unwashed of the nation will be thrown together to battle against an enemy that doesn’t exist for a prize they can not win.

The government hopes the event will distract the population from the endless looting of the economy by the Conservative party and their puppet-masters; whilst also satiating the blood-lust of the psychopathic 1% who rule the nation. (That’s known as a “toofer!”)

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Amy "The Scoop" Scoeper
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