Joe Biden Becomes the Most Successful President in History after Winning the 2020 Election for the 18th Time

“You’re once… twice…. 18 times… a President”

The 2020 U.S. election was emotional, to say the least. Hypnotically watching the Pennsylvania and Georgia mail-in ballot counts being reported on CNN and seeing Donald Trump’s in-person voting lead being eroded and then eclipsed, was one of the greatest pleasures of my life.

I got to savour the predicted election night victory declaration from Donald Trump (we all knew it was going to happen). I got to imagine the chaotic events in the Trump-camp. And I got to see the hope for a brighter future dawning with every vote, as the swing states turned blue, and Don the Con was voted out.

But it wouldn’t end there! As predicted, Don the Con tried every dirty trick in the book (and a few of his own) to overturn the election. From attempting to have ballots thrown out, declaring voting machines broken, to appealing to the highest courts of the land, Dirty Don tried everything he could to overturn the election result, and destroy the democratic process.

And every time, democracy fought back. From throwing out baseless court appeals, to re-counting votes to the benefit of Joe Biden; each victory for the democratic process was another victory for Joe Biden.

Most Presidential elections end in a dignified phone-call accepting defeat. But Trump and his cronies have launched appeal after appeal in every state that switched to Biden in 2020 and even to the Trump-packed U.S. Supreme Court. And each case has been thrown out for being baseless and insane (legal term!)

So with each legal defeat, Joe Biden wins the presidency again. I’m not sure of the true numbers because it seems to change every day, but I wrote “18 times” in the heading because that must be the minimum by now.

By the time you read this post, the number of times Joe Biden has won this election has probably increased, but you get the idea. Trump lost – Biden won (repeatedly!)

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